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I document events with a photo-journalistic style and do what I can to find the perfect  balance between posed and candid shots to best retell the story after the special day. My philosophy is that it is my duty to document the occasion without obstructing the celebration. This means I will happily collaborate with you to capture specifically requested photos, will suggest any I believe will help retell the story of the event (posed only if necessary), and will capture candids throughout of course. 
If you're interested in having a special event captured or would like to see additional work for reference please don't hesitate to inquire.

My name is Morgan Downs and I'm a photographer from central NJ, currently living at the Jersey Shore. I've had a passion for photography since I was very young and have taken pictures of the people, places, and things that meant most to me as I've grown up. I never anticipated this passion leading me to where it has —photographing everything from professional surfers, a president of the United States, destination weddings & more.
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