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About Morgan

Morgan Downs          


Self Portrait -film / Nicaragua
I remember first taking an interest in photography while young on a family vacation many years ago. On this vacation I used my mother's camera to take photos of the moon one night and have continued to develop an evolving interest in photography ever since.  

More than 10 years later, I have grown up with photography and I have pursed my interest in it as a hobbyist & professional. I have come to photograph people, places, and things I never would have imagined on that first night I held a camera. 

I find my passion for photography leading me from one stage to another as I continue to pursue it, taking me to new places, and meeting new people.


One day while shooting surfing photos, (submerged in the surf during a day of small waves at the Jersey Shore), I met who is now my current employer, mentor and friend, Devin Peppler. I've come to learn HOW to shoot weddings professionally after working alongside of Devin for 5 years now & more than 100 weddings later.


I attended Rider University for business, but have studied photography independently and am highly competent in all technical aspects of the trade. I am proud to say that I own all of my own professional gear, professional event insurance, and have built this website from scratch. 

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