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Colorado, Breckenridge : Digital & Film (35mm Point and Shoot)

I spent spring break in Breckenridge Colorado with family & friends for the last week of February. The first couple days of the trip were brutally cold & no conditions to be carrying a camera around in while on the mountain. Using the gopro camera was painful enough. A failed attempt adjusting it to my helmet at one point (after hopping off the T-bar early due to white-out blizzard just moments from reaching the mountain peak), was a lesson quickly learned upon losing all feeling to my gloveless hand (left uncovered for all of 5mins). With the exception of a painfully numb, dull achey burning feeling that took a half hour to go away (uncertain as to whether it felt more like my hand was in a deep fryer or an iceblock) I decided shooting photos would be better suited for a 32° day instead of -5° + windchill.

After the the cold & the snow came & passed, blue skies and warmer weather comprised the later half of the vacation. I took my D750 (digital) out for one morning to photograph the scenery, friends, and family, while carrying a 35mm point & shoot Pentax _____, loaded with Fuji Extra400 more occasionally with no set purpose of subject matter.

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